Lufasi Nature Park

LUFASI has a Nature Park that sits on her 20hectare pristine Farm-Forest, situated in the heart of highly urbanized Lekki, Lagos Nigeria. Officially launched for full operation since November 2016, LUFASI Nature Park was created to be an outdoor eco- laboratory for schools, researchers and natures lovers as well as a recreational centre.

 The Centre provide a meeting point for nature and leisure walk, outdoor sports, field research, school excursions, wildlife rescue & rehabilitation and other activities.

Most of LUFASI’s events and activities are carried out within the park being her first project.

Above all, LUFASI Nature Park is a natural wellness centre.

  • Eco hall for environmental education classes
  • Children’s Play Park
  • Forest Tour
  • Animal Sanctuary/ Rehabilitation Centre
  • Lake Nora
  • Lake Moses
  • ’Shirin Yoku’ Platform
  • Adult Game Area
  • Football Pitch
  • Volley Ball Pitch
  • Basketball Pitch
  • Picnic Areas

Eco Hall

Lake Nora

Children's Play Park

Children's Play Park

Children's Play Park

Children's Play Park

Lake Nora

School Excursion Tour

Movie Set

Yoga Practice

Taekwando Club

The nature park has a sport world with members in different sports: LUFASI Table Tennis Club, LUFASI Volley Ball Club, etc.

This majorly is to bring people of from different walks of life using their personal interest and hubbies to draw them close to nature and get them to support creation care while they enjoy their games. Each club organizes different levels of tournaments to engage the outside world. The tournaments bring together people from different works of life. Paralympics also participate in the tournament, this create an avenue to connect them to nature as well as instill environmental consciousness in them.


  • Building of the proposed LUFASI Education Centre and Secretariat
  • Funding support for 5 major management positions
  • Funding for projects
  • Sponsors for events
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