About Lufasi

LUFASI is an acronym for Lekki Urban Forestry and Animal Shelter Initiative: a nongovernmental organisation established in 2013 and dedicated to the preservation of natural habitats in urban areas for use as a field laboratory to interact with and learn from nature. LUFASI attempts to address the issue of limited green spaces in urban areas like Lagos Nigeria, which can provide recreation and aesthetic satisfaction, and likewise enlighten the populace to clear the ambiguity of climate change through practical learning. The shelter for rescued animals (wild and domestic) serves to educate on conservation with an extra aesthetic and recreational incentive for the centre.

An urban area where people connect and interact harmoniously with nature.

To serve as an urban hub for learning, recreation and awareness on the natural environment in Nigeria.

  • Conserve native urban biodiversity for posterity, its appeal and educational purposes.
  • Educate on the significance of climate change, the natural environment and our collective roles in reducing our footprint on nature.
  • Collaborate with the wider community of partners and stakeholders to enhance the implementation of activities and drive sustainability.
  • Demonstrating a loving nature by discharging our mandate through sound Hospitality.
  • Safety first
  • Caring for creation
  • Friendliness


  1. To conserve LUFASI’s forest by bridging the knowledge gap and safeguarding the biodiversity, while exploring possibilities for expanding forest cover in Lagos State and across the nation.
  2. To promote awareness among students / the public and develop relevant capacity on biodiversity conservation and climate change issues needed to trigger a behavioural change. Whilst highlighting the health benefits of Urban forests.
  3. To serve as a sanctuary for injured and abandoned wildlife and domesticated animals, whilst increasing the educational, recreational and aesthetic value of LUFASI.
  4. To develop a brand image for LUFASI that resonates with the public and serves as a tool for fundraising activities
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