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Forest Conservation

All around the world especially in Nigeria, there are reports of flash floods, draughts, famines and unpredictable weather patterns, which has created climate refugees around the most vulnerable parts of the country. Climate Change is our reality and affects all of us in one way or the other.

LUFASI (Lekki Urban Forest Animal Shelter Initiative) is a direct response to the environmental needs of our country. The urban forest park and animal sanctuary sits on 20 hectares of land on the Lekki – Epe express way in Lagos, Nigeria and contains some of the last remaining populations of the highly endangered hooded vulture Necrosyrtes monarchus, the near threatened Ekki “Iron wood” tree Lophira alata and the African Pied Hornbill, tockus fasciatus. LUFASI also provides a unique space for eco-tourism activities and serves as a living laboratory for agricultural, ecological, and veterinary education in Nigeria.

At the park, we have a flourishing number of bird species apart from those mentioned like the Bulbuls, Kingfishers, Bee-eaters, and Sunbirds among others. The park is also a haven for species of insects, reptiles and mammals.

LUFASI focuses on bridging the scientific gap between the forest and the visitors for better environmental education and collaboration. LUFASI Nature Park, which is predominantly covered by fruit trees like palm, cashew and mango trees, has a strategic goal of planting 3,000 native tree species across three urban areas of Lagos state by 2019 to combat climate change.

Tree Nursery

Trees are always the victims of urban development, the only hope that stands between desertification and ‘Progress’. Natural habitats, our main oxygen reservoirs are destroyed in the name of development and advancement. Depletion of our trees causes the absence of carbon di oxide sinkers, thereby promoting the harsh effect of Climate Change.

As Nigeria is now equating the loss of trees to climate change, there is now a budding commitment to preserve, restore and extend natural habitats in the country. The LUFASI Nature Park in Lagos State is an ideal place to learn, connect and interact with nature. We believe in the potential of trees being great carbon sinkers and one of the best ways of combating climate change. This is why LUFASI heavily encourages the adoption of tree saplings and plants from our very own Nursery.

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