Lekki Urban Forest and Animal Sanctuary Initiative (LUFASI) was founded on the 4th January 2013, by Mr. Desmond Majekodunmi as a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to actively participate in the protection and preservation of natural habitats in urban areas as well as to play an active role in the realization of sustainable development programs in Nigeria. LUFASI can also be described as an implementing organization which designs and implements various environmental sustainability projects with the technical and financial support of local and international organizations, donors and government. LUFASI is dedicated to stimulating nature friendly practices through awareness and collaborations with communities across the nation.

LUFASI has pristine Forest Reserve and Nature Park that sits on 20hectres along the Lekki-Epe Expressway with a nature-themed leisure play-park and animal sanctuary. Globally interesting species like the Ekki or Iron wood tree, vultures and hornbills are also present in LUFASI Nature Park.


LUFASI envisions an urban area where people connect and interact with nature


LUFASI’s mission is to serve as an urban hub for learning, recreation and awareness on the natural environment in Nigeria.


Our work is divided into three program areas namely Forest Conservation, Environmental Education and Animal Rescue & Sanctuary including Advocacy which cuts across all our programs. These programs help LUFASI to strategically achieve its mission and have strong linkages with national and global environmental priorities including the Nigerian National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan (NBSAP), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

We began with the protection of 20 hectares of indigenous forest in Lagos. We are committed to preserve, restore and extend forests and natural habitats in urban areas. In addition, our 20 hectares swamp forest serves as a natural habitat hosting globally significant species like the vulnerable Ekki “iron wood” Tree (Lophira alata) and the critically endangered Hooded Vulture (Necrosyrtes monarchus), and provides context for all our current activities.

We continuously develop creative tools, programs and events for teaching about Climate Change, Conservation and Forests, merging science with community intelligence.

We do this through our: Climate Change Workshops, Creative Learning Materials, Annual Eco Excursion and Environmental Celebrations and global / environmental days commemoration.

Our Animal Sanctuary serves as a refuge for distressed and persecuted animals.

We believe Nature Conservation/Protection without advocacy is helpless as there are inadequate regulations and policies put in place to ensure its actualization.

LUFASI views strong partnerships, networking, knowledge sharing and collaborations as fundamental to addressing local and global environmental sustainability issues. This informs our strategy to work hand-in-hand with relevant institutions locally and internationally including governments, multinational and corporate organizations through advocacy, fundraising and communication to effectively achieve our mission.


LUFASI is a registered body under the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration number 58696


LUFASI is governed by its Board of Directors (BoD). The BoD consists of five members both male & female and is headed by its Chairperson. The Board is the key policy making body of LUFASI and works independently using guidelines of the Board’s policies.


The Executive Director (ED) is the head of LUFASI’s management and part of the LUFASI Board. The ED is responsible for the overall management of the organization and reports to the Chairperson of the board. The position is by appointment by the Board and is assisted by a secretary of at last a Junior Officer cadre. The ED is supported by the Managers/ Heads of Programmes / Department and team of coordinators and together they all form a management structure for LUFASI.


1)         Human Resource & Finance – Administration, Finance, Human Resource.

2)        Programmes – Forest Conservation, Environmental Education, Animal Rescue / Sanctuary.

3)        Partnership & Development – Branding / Marketing, Fundraising, Membership, Communications, Partnership Development.

4)        Facility Management – Security, Maintenance, Utility.

LUFASI Membership

At LUFASI, our members are our voices; they extend our nature preservation efforts across the nation. Our membership is about identity, support, strength, impact and feedback

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