Forest Conservation

Forest Conservation at LUFASI Nature Park

We began with the protection of 20 hectares of indigenous forest in Lagos. We are committed to preserve, restore and extend forests in urban areas.

In addition, our 20 hectares swamp forest serves as a natural habitat hosting globally significant species like the Ekki Tree (Lophira alata) and Hooded Vulture (Necrosyrtes monarchus), and provides context for all our current activities. LUFASI’s forest conservation programme therefore focus on bridging the knowledge gap in our forest biodiversity, and expanding green cover and natural habitats across Lagos state.

We achieve these goals by:

  1. Systematic surveys and monitoring of our urban forest biodiversity to document and disseminate knowledge on its flora and fauna.
  2. Serving as a field laboratory for organic agro-forestry activities. Our forest farm currently produces vegetables such as cucumber (Cucumis sativus), Ugwu leaves (Telfairia occidentalis), Paw-Paw (Carica papaya), Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus), Sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) and Cassava (Manihot esculenta).
  3. Maintaining the nursery for tree seedlings and planting 3,000 trees across different sites to regenerate natural habitats and expand green covers. We currently have 20 different plant species in our nursery to support our tree planting initiative.

To join and/or support our forest conservation activities, please contact; for more information and guidance.


Lufasi Nursery

Trees are the first victims of urban development. Yet, they are critical for the mitigation of Climate Change and other environmental issues.

LUFASI runs a nursery of several plant species to help the restoration of degraded areas as well as the development of urban green spaces. This aligns with our main objective to facilitate the planting of at least 3,000 native trees in urban areas in Lagos State. The nursery consists of 20 different plant species including Fishtail Palm (Caryota mitis), Ixora (Ixora coccinea), Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata), Ekki (Lophira alata), Ficus (Ficus benjamina), (Delonix regia), Acalypha (Acalypha indica) among others.
To reach our target of planting 3000 native trees all over Lagos, this nursery will need more space, more seeds and more helping hands. The nursery is nurtured by our dedicated gardeners and houses saplings, which will be transplanted to different afforestation sites in the state when ready.

The public is welcome to purchase seedlings from the nursery.


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