Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue

Our center serves as a refuge for distressed and persecuted animals. These animals are protected in the forest park for reintegration into the wild, where possible. We also lend a voice to the global cause against wildlife persecution and sensitize the public on the need to appreciate and understand the link between man, animals and the natural environment.

We currently provide a home for persecuted ungulates, avifauna, primates and small mammals. Some of these include the African Wild Donkey (Equus africanus), West African Barb Horse

(Equus ferus caballus), Mona Monkey (Cercopithecus mona) and Helmeted Guinea Fowls (Numida meleagris). We have dedicated animal groomers who monitor the well-being of each rehabilitated animal and dedicated veterinarians who come in regularly to provide and administer preventive medications to counter future ailments. We are constantly improving the living conditions of our rescued animals.

We plan to create better shelters for all the animals and continue with our public awareness to drive home the importance of conserving Nigeria’s wildlife and stop their persecution.

To lend your voice against animal persecution and/or support our animal rescue and sanctuary programme, please contact



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