Biodiversity is the conglomeration of all life forms on planet earth. All Flora and fauna from the micro to the macro. Latest technology has enabled us to appreciate the complexity and importance of biodiversity that exists on this planet. It is in fact a web of life, a massive complex network of interlinked life forms, with one having an effect on the other and basically linking us all together. There has always been a gradual dying off and regeneration of these species over a time period of hundreds of thousands of years. However, in the last two hundred years with population explosion and the advent of mankind’s technological revolution the process has accelerated alarmingly.

Never before has extinction of species been driven so rapidly. Thousands of species are now being lost yearly, many of these are yet to be scientifically identified.  A classic case being the critically endangered hooded vulture, currently facing extinction, which we are protecting here in LUFASI Park. The hooded vulture is a keystone species, being an extremely efficient scavenger of carrion, they prevent disease outbreak. The loss of the hooded vulture would have serious

consequences for the integrity of other life forms.

Another keystone species that we have here that we are nurturing in LUFASI are the bees. If the bees are taken out, we would lose one third of our food availability because bees are very efficient and effective pollinators, So, if we lose the bees, there would be a massive gap in the food chain. Already the huge decline in the global bee population from over use of chemicals and urbanization is having a negative effect on food security.

We are accelerating species extinction due to our irresponsible activities against nature. Our behaviour, which is largely greed driven is an extremely selfish and primitive attitude. It is based on a distorted interpretation of the scriptural injunction to have dominion over the earth, excluding the overriding requirement to love and replenish. If you claim to love the creator, how can you not love his creation over which he has entrusted you with dominion? Particularly as this creation is our children’s eco life support system. How many strands can one take out of a web before the web falls apart? You will never know which particular strand will lead to the collapse. We should to be very careful.

The bees help in pollination

We at LUFASI are delighted that the United Nations decided to commemorate 25 years of Biodiversity Day. That is an acknowledgement of the importance of biodiversity and we just want to admonish all of us to understand that we as mankind are not APART FROM nature but we are A PART OF nature. Incidentally, apart from our destructive propensity, we are not a particularly significant species as far as nature is concerned and the sobering reality is that we need nature far more than she needs us.

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