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  1. CONFIRMATION: LUFASI will reserve your booking immediately subject to day limits and availability of slots. However, due to high volume of requests, your visit may not be confirmed until we receive a non-refundable 10% payment of your entry fee to our GTBank account (Lekki Urban Forest & Animal Sanctuary Initiative_0127027811). Cancellations or change of date require a minimum notice of 2 business working days.
  2. GROUP SIZE: Whilst we strive to accommodate all requests, our capacity is limited to 70 students per slot. We have one slot each for morning and afternoon visits. Therefore, before submitting your request and selecting date and time preference, please consider the approximate travel time from your school to LUFASI for time keeping.
  3. USE OF FACILITY: There is a 50-student carrying capacity for LUFASI playground and other facilities. In lieu of this, pupils/students may be asked to alternate between activities to ensure everyone utilise the facilities.
  4. SAFETY: A tour guide will normally accompany each group around LUFASI Nature Park but teachers and guardians are responsible for the safety and behaviour of their group of students. We recommend that at least one (1) teacher or guardian must be present for every 25 children. We also advise that students should come with their non-disposable water bottle and face caps for the long tour (about 45mins) of the Park.
  5. LUFASI reserves the right to use photos taken during visits for our social media activities

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