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Hooded Vulture (Necrosyrtes monachus)

The hooded vulture Necrosyrtes monachus was once a species of Least Concern in the Red IUCN list in 2010 before recently plummeting to the Critically Endangered listing. This steep decline is due to habitat fragmentation and mass persecutions of these birds. Their body parts have high value in many parts of West Africa specifically Nigeria, where some believe that these cure a range of physical and mental illnesses and improve new business ventures. The most populous city of Nigeria, Lagos has few of the last hooded vulture population thriving in the Lekki Urban Forest Animal Sanctuary Initiative (LUFASI). With a few of these critically endangered birds breeding and nesting on the Ekki trees of the LUFASI forest, the park aims to protect these breeding sites and serve as a living laboratory to study and learn about the birds’ behavioral biology.

With the study of the hooded vulture behavior being the very first extensive study done, the project will contribute immensely to the documentation on the behaviors of the hooded vulture population in Lagos and to LUFASI’s Forest Conservation efforts in the country. This will be done by having regular surveys and monitoring of the population to comprehend the hooded vulture-Ekki tree relationship

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