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LUFASI considers its members a necessary part of achieving and sustaining a healthy environment and thriving ecosystem. We believe in a strong and large membership base. Our members are our voices; they extend our Nature Preservation efforts across the nation. At LUFASI your Membership means more than a registration fee to us, your Membership is about identity, support, strength, impact and feedback. Your annual membership donations supports our continuous work on LUFASI’s programmes.

For nature enthusiast and conservationist, LUFASI membership is your significant voice for environmental advocacy, it is an avenue to display your knowledge and lend a helping hand in various capacities.

In the corporate world, LUFASI offers an Alliance with your organization to help with your CSR, you can easily support LUFASI as a way of giving back or offsetting your carbon footprint and earn our LUFASI Corporate Environmental Alliance (LCEA) Certificate.

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Your membership will require an annual recurring payment to renew your slot. If you would like to make a single payment, or your choice category is not included in the forms bellow, please contact

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