Become a Member

LUFASI believes in a strong and large membership base as our members are our voices. By becoming a member, our nature conservation efforts are extended across the nation and we are enabled to amplify our message.

 At LUFASI, membership means much more than a registration fee to us, your membership is about identity, support, strength, impact, feedback and transparency.

Membership options available are:

Individual Membership

  1. Student – N2500
  2. Individual – N5000
  3. Family – N15,000
  4. Ambassador – N100,000 & above

Corporate Membership

  1. Leadership – N1,500,000
  2. Associate – N500,000
  3. Support – N200,000

Membership Renewal

Stay connected with nature as you renew your membership. In collaboration with you we conserve of habitats/species across the nation and educate millions of people on climate change.

Gift membership

Give family, friends and associates a one year long gift of LUFASI membership on birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, including free entries to our nature park, personalized flowers and trees and raise their passion for nature.

For further information and inquiries on our membership, kindly send a email to