Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day
Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Friends of Nature,

LUFASI joins the rest of the world in wishing all mothers including Mother Earth a happy Mother’s Day. As we celebrate and honour mothers for their compassion, tolerance, love and bravery on this auspicious day, let us also celebrate Mother Earth for the millions of things she gives us. So, give Mother Earth a gift with real meaning.

Here are few things you can do to treat Mother Earth right.

  1. Calculate your carbon footprint: Check on the amount of CO2 you produce through your daily routine.
  2. Leave the car at home: Hmm, sounds funny but the less cars on the road not only means less CO2/ air pollution, it also means less traffic. Not to mention all of the gas money that you save!
  3. Plant a tree: Experts agreed that one of the most effective ways to combat the challenges of Climate Change is to plant more and more trees because they mop up CO2.
  4. Go paperless: The less of paper you use, the less waste, the less of production and the less of CO2.
  5. Say no to plastic pollution: Reduce, reuse and recycle plastic waste for wealth.

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