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Environmental degradation and climate change challenges, due to lack of conservation initiatives, have become a frightening problem which absolutely needs to be addressed expeditiously. We are daily undaunted with news of extreme weather patterns causing intense heat waves, extreme flooding, heavier rainfall, extreme drought etc., which has led to loss of lives, properties, agricultural endeavours, and other catastrophic outcomes.

Solving the challenges of environmental degradation and climate change without the weapon of education, which according to Mandela is the most powerful weapon to change the world, will be a huge mistake.

In fact, Conservation is virtually ineffective without education because according to the experts, education is a systematic process through which a person acquires knowledge. It makes an individual civilized, refined, cultured and equipped to solve problems. Every society gives importance to education because it is a panacea for many ills.

Environmental Education improves the capacity of people to address environmental issues and engender a behavioural change in the right direction. At LUFASI, we use the term Enviroducation to describe efforts at using education as an important social tool for biodiversity conservation to improve the understanding of how humans interact with nature thus nurturing a sense of responsibility.

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