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New Year’s Environmental Resolutions

A resolution is simply described as a process in which a person decides to change an undesired trait or behaviour to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve his or her life. With each New Year, the word comes alive and resonates in the minds of many people. However, as the years go by, the potency of the word diminishes as few people fulfill their resolve to make changes.

So how about a change? Why don’t we try something new? Instead of resolutions that focus internally, how about we make resolutions that are focused externally? We owe a resolution to protect our earth before all others. While decisions regarding de-carbonizing electricity, making renewable energy more affordable to the public, ban on the use of plastics are up to the government to make, there are simple environmentally – friendly resolutions we can make as individuals and groups.

For us in LUFASI, we have resolved to be more determined in our pursuit to;

  1. Conserve native urban biodiversity for posterity, its appeal and educational purpose.
  2. Educate on the significance of Climate Change, the natural environment and our collective roles in reducing carbon footprint on nature.
  3. Collaborate with the wider community of partners, stakeholders and the general public to enhance the implementation of activities and drive sustainability
  4. Connect more and more people to interact with nature

At the individual level, we urge you to make some New Year’s Resolutions that are good for you and the environment. Here are some simple environmental resolutions you can make:


Plant a tree


Minimise the use of plastics


Connect and interact with nature


    Change consumption habit and eat local food to cut down on CO2

Support the creation and the sustenance of nature parks such as LUFASI Nature Park

Remember, it costs us all and far more to engage in environmental disaster management – we can all save cash, and improve our lives if we do the needful.

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