Enviroducation is a term LUFASI uses to describe it’s advocacy efforts on environment education.

Development, if not sustainable, can destroy the environment. Environmental protection or conservation ensures sustainable development, environmental harmony and lasting protection of our habitat. Achieving this is only possible when we educate earth’s inhabitant systematically because education improves human capacity, and environmental issues can only be addressed when we are aware.

 In fact, environmental education is an important social tool for biodiversity conservation to improve the understanding of how humans interact with nature thus nurturing a sense of responsibility.

 At LUFASI, our active education unit has several ongoing projects that utilize tools and activities to promote awareness and build relevant capacities on climate change and conservation.

 To be specific, the vibrant education unit at LUFASI has;

  1. Developed homegrown innovative resources on Climate Change, forest agriculture, conservation and sustainable development.
  2. Delivered interactive climate change workshops to provide Nigeria students with the tools they need for a local solutions for their community.
  3. Brought together animators to develop a one-of-a-kind animated video using contextually relevant scenarios to spread the Climate Change message.
  4. Developed colourful climate change booklets, interactive games and climate change activities aimed at educating and creating awareness about environmental protection.
  5. Carried out numerous tours for visitors of the 20 hectares nature park thus helping to promote awareness on climate change and biodiversity conservation.