Earth Day, 2018

Earth Day, 2018
Earth Day, 2018

It is our tradition as an environmental organisation to join in commemorating global environmental days. Hence, we are joining our sister organisations around the world to celebrate this year’s Earth Day tagged “End Plastic Pollution”.  We will be doing this with a clean-up exercise in our host community on Saturday 21st April 2018. You are invited!

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that disposable plastics are everywhere. From your first cup of coffee, to the shopping bag carrying your food, to your take-out dinner among others. In fact, disposable plastics are permanently present in our lives and we now know that plastics are wreaking havoc in our planet because trillions upon trillions of plastic items are produced, and we simply do not have the ability to manage such an enormous amount of wastes.

The most alarming part of it is that we all contribute to this problem in one form or another. However, preventing or reducing the danger of plastics to our dear planet earth, though can be hard to break, but is doable. How?

  1. Get informed!
  2. Create awareness!
  3. Reduce, reuse, recycle and remove plastics!
  4. Support organisations like LUFASI Nature Park committed to protecting the environment!

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