Forest Conservation

With Lagos state looking towards expanding forest cover all around, it is imperative to preserve LUFASI’s remaining forests and the biodiversity in it. This can be done by;

  1. LUFASI Forest Protection. Where LUFASI prohibits unauthorized entry into the LUFASI forest and regular monitoring is done. The 20 hecter biodiversity haven shelters the Near Threatened (IUCN) Ekki Trees Lophira alata and the Hooded Vultures Necrosyrtes monarchus that are critically endangered (IUCN, 2015).
  2. Biodiversity Survey of Forest. This is to document the flora and fauna of the urban forest with a biodiversity survey done. This survey will be done in the early mornings via the direct (opportunistic sightings of animals) and indirect (animal tracks, dung etc.) methods. Apart from documenting the fauna of the park, we are also working on updating our records of the plant taxa in the park. This is in the hopes of generating and collecting data of five (5) taxa within the LUFASI forest.
  3. Serving as a field site for Agroforestry. This will further corroborate the forest’s tangibility for sustainable socio-economic benefits while the nursery is a good pedestal for urban forest regeneration and expansion. LUFASI presently has a farmthat harvests vegetables such as cucumber Cucumis sativus and Ugwu leaves Telfairia occidentalis , fruits such as Paw-Paw Carica papaya and Watermelons Citrullus lanatus and tuber crops like sweet potatoes Ipomoea batatas and Cassava Manihot esculenta. Having a fully functional farm in the park can provide practical learning sessions on sustainable and efficient agro-forestry techniques, which combines forest conservation.

Tree Nursery

For the restoration of deforested as well as degraded areas across Lagos state, LUFASI is developing a nursery of several plant species. This aligns with our main objective to facilitate the plantation of at least 3,000 native trees in three urban areas in Lagos State.

LUFASI currently has a nursery with 20 different plant species including Fishtail Palm Caryota mitis, Ixora coccinea, Snake plant Sansevieria trifasciata, Ekki Lophira alata, Ficus Ficus benjamina, Delonix regia, Acalypha Acalypha indica among others. To reach our target of planting 3000 native trees all over Lagos, this nursery will need more space, more seeds and more helping hands. The nursery nurtured by our dedicated gardeners daily, will house close to 3000 saplings that will later be transplanted to different afforestation sites in the state. The LUFASI nursery has indigenous plant saplings up for sale to our visitors to the park. By the end of 2019, we are hoping to have a fully developed nursery with seed bank of tree species native to the Lekki peninsula.